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Sarah H. (Worthen) Howard 1843-1914

Mrs. Sarah H. Worthen Howard was one of the five daughters of James and Jane Worthen, who lived north of Crokcer on a farm, now known as Abottsford. She was born March 20, 1843 and died Jan. 6, 1914, age 70 years, 9 months and 20 days.

She was married to Mr. Chas. H. Howard, April 19, 1870, one of the first merchants of Crocker. They were the pioneers of the town, and have resided here longer than any other residents. They were not blessed with children of their own but have raised and educated more children than the average large family. Mrs. Howard, like her husband, was a great reader and her center-table was supplied with the leading periodicals and current literature. She was a leader in the organization of the first literary society in Crocker in the early '80's and contributed much to its success.

In music, both vocal and instrumental, she took great interest and many owe their proficiency on the organ and piano to her early teaching. Mrs. Howard loved flowers and all nature. When they moved to the present Howard home, it may be said there was no beauty to attract the eye or stir the heart except a few forest and fruit trees and the magnificent views in all directions, particularly in the east, where can be seen Pilot Knob on the Iron Mountain R.R.., but under the ready aid of her husband, tress of many kinds were planted and she gave her greatest interest to the cultivation of flowers and the collection of the most unique geological specimens to be seen in the country. She found the place a waste, but left it the "Shaws Garden" and wonder of the county. No friends and few casual callers left her hospitable door without fragrant beautiful bouquets. The churches and Sunday schools on special occasions were recipients of fine selections from her large flower bed. Few public functions of merit, but what were graced with floral offerings, motivated by her kind and large hearted interest. The poor will miss her ministrations, her charity and philanthropy were unostentatious. She was a member of the Ladies Aid Society of the Christian Church and at the last meeting- one week before her funeral- she was the most active and jovial member present. At her burial, which was the most largely attended ever held in Crocker, she was remembered by those present and from abroad with flowers she so much loved. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Charles H. Howard, and two sisters, Miss Rebecca Worthen and Mrs. Phoebe Hascall, together with many nieces and nephews, and friends unnumbered.

The Pulaski County Democrat
Waynesville, Missouri
15 January, 1914
Page 4                      

Transcribed by Laura (Abernathy) Huffman 

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