Monday, November 30, 2015

Minerva Jesse d. June 3, 1916


Dies at Waynesville- Body Shipped to Mexico for Interment

Many friends in Mexico of Mrs. Minerva Jesse, beloved wife of Rev. J.S. Jesse, were pained to hear of her death at her home at Waynesville, Mo., last Saturday morning. Mexico was formerly her home. The body was shipped here for interment. Rev. O. Olin Green, pastor of the Mexico Baptist Church, held funeral service Sunday afternoon, burial in Elmwood.

Mrs. Jesse was 60 years old. She was a sister of Mr. Granville Reed who died at Columbia and was buried here last week. The husband survives; he is one of the most popular Baptist ministers in the State and pastor of the Baptist church at Waynesville. The following children survive: J.C. Jessie, Artesia, New Mexico; Rev. Lewis Jesse, of Texas; Mrs. Wiley Atkins, Lebanon, Mo., and Mrs. Nancy McKamey, Waynesville, Mo.

Mrs. Jesse was a woman of high Christian ideals. Beloved and faithful in every good work, the world is poorer for her passing.


June 8, 1916

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mary J. McFall d. December 28, 1902

Nothing which has occurred during recent months has caused such general regret as the death of Mrs. Mary J. McFall, wife of Robert McFall, which occurred last Wednesday. The news of her sudden taking off was a great shock to the community, as she had apparently been in her usual health until with four days of her death. Death was caused from a stroke of paralysis. The remains were taken to Richland on Monday for interment.

The deceased leaves a husband and four children who have the sympathy of the entire community in this their trying bereavement.

Pulaski County Democrat

Saturday, November 28, 2015

May Wilson d, December 16, 1902


Little May, the seven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dell Wilson died Tuesday evening at six o'clock after an illness of several weeks from typhoid fever. The remains were buried in Turpin graveyard Wednesday. Little May was a bright and lovable child and a favorite among her school mates, and will be sadly missed by them as well as the doting parents in whose heart her place can never be filed. We extend to the bereft family our heartfelt sympathy.

Pulaski County Democrat

Friday, November 27, 2015

W.S. Adams d. December 11, 1902

Death of W.S. Adams

W.S. Adams was born in Clark county, Ky., October 10, 1826; died in Pulaski county, Mo., December 11, 1902, aged 76 years, 2 months, and 1 day. He came with his parents from Kentucky to Clay county, Mo., in 1832, and removed to Pulaski county about the year 1867, where he lived until his death. He was married to Miss Martha Phillips in Ray county, Mo., December 24, 1851, to them were born six children, all of whom are still living, the children present at his death were, Thomas, Margie, Mrs. Stacy Harrison and Mrs. Mollie Miller, two of them living at Baxter Springs, Kan., were not present Rufus and Mrs. Nancy Miller. He has 19 grand children living.

Uncle Spencer was loved and respected by friends and neighbors and he will be missed in the community where he lived so long. He professed religion about 17 years ago but he never united with any church. He respected and loved all church going people. he gave up all for Jesus, was willing to die and requested that his children meet him in Heaven. He was a good man in his home, loved his family as he loved himself, and his place will be hard to fill in the community. His widow has the sympathy, love, and respect of everyone who is acquainted with her.

We have known Mr. Adams for about twenty years and in all that time he was ever the same kind hearted man and friend to us.


Pulaski County Democrat

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

John Laughlin d. July 16, 1902

John Laughlin, a well known and well-to-do farmer living three miles south of town, died early Wednesday morning after a brief illness of Appendicitis complicated with Peritonitis. he had but recently had an attack of malarial fever but had recovered and was able to be up and around the house when attacked with Appendicitis. His last illness only lasted a few days during which time he suffered very much.

He leaves a wife and two small children besides many other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. He was in the prime of his life and was a reasonably strong and healthy man.

Mr. Laughlin was an honest, upright citizen, very industrious and attended very much to his own business, and possessed many traits of character that go to make a good citizen. He will be missed in the community. The family have our profound sympathy.

Pulaski County Democrat

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Charles Ballard d. June 12, 1902

Charles Ballard died at his home near Waynesville, June 12, 1902, of typhoid fever after a short illness, aged 24 years. Everything that skilled physicians and loving hands could do was all in vain; the Lord had need for him and called him away. His sisters and step-mother were with him and administered to every want until the end came. His companion had proceeded him just three weeks. But we weep not as those that have little faith. While we have lost him we hope our loss is his gain. He is free from all care and trouble and has paid the debt we all must pay. While his body moulders in the tomb the soul is safe in Heaven. where there will be no hour of parting and God shall wipe all tears away.

He leaves two small children and four sisters to mourn his loss. The interment took place at the Laughlin cemetery at 12 o'clock Saturday.


Pulaski County Democrat

Monday, November 23, 2015

James A. Vaughan 1841-1902


At his home near Dixon, May 2, James A. Vaughan, in the 61st year of his life. Brother Vaughan was born in Gasconade County, Mo., August 22, 1841; was married to Miss Maria Turner, Sept. 7, 1865. To them were born nine children, all boys, all yet living. Brother Vaughan was well respected and liked by his neighbors. He was a member of the church of Christ, and died in the faith and hope of the righteous. The writer spoke to the sorrowing relatives and friends from Rev. xiv:13.

His mortal remains were laid away in the cemetery at Fox Crossing to await the trumpet's call on resurrection morn. To the sorrowing ones we say: he's only gone a while before, to greet you on the happy shore.


Pulaski County Democrat

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nancy Jane (Robertson) Brake 1819-1902

Mrs. Robert Brake, an old and highly respected citizen living near Bells Creek, five miles southeast of Crocker died Sunday morning after a long siege of suffering. Mrs. Brake was a kind Christian lady and had been in poor health for many years. She leaves a husband and three children to mourn her loss.

Pulaski County Democrat

Daniel Berkley Colley 1874-1902


At his home on Colley Hollow, six miles west of Waynesville, on Friday, March 7, 1902, Daniel Berkley Colley, of tuberculosis.

He was born Feb. 25, 1874, was 28 years old, and leaves a wife and one child, two years old, to mourn his loss. Deceased was a model young man and had many friends in this county. He was a son of the late D.B. Colley, and a nephew of G.W. Colley, of this place.

Funeral services were conducted at the cemetery Saturday by Rev. T.J. Zumwalt, of the Baptist church, of which church deceased was a consistent member.

1902 Pulaski County Democrat

Friday, November 20, 2015

Nora (Stokes) O'Connell d. January 17, 1902


Mrs. Nora (Stokes) O'Connell, wife of John M. O'Connell, a telegraph operator, died at their home in Rolla at 1 a.m., Friday, Jan. 17, 1902, of an abscess and pulmonary complications, and was buried in the Jerry O'Connell family lot in the cemetery near Frank's, Saturday afternoon Jan. 18. Rev. J.B. O'Laughlin reading the funeral service and making a brief and touching address. There was a large attendance of sympathizing neighbors, friends, and relatives of both the deceased lady and bereaved husband. They had been married but little more than a year, and a couple of months ago had with resignation given up their babe to Almighty God.

Deceased was a daughter of Mrs. Sallie Stokes, of Crocker, and granddaughter of Mrs. E.G. Williams, of Waynesville. Deceased had, by virtue of the sacraments of baptism and matrimony, entered upon the Christian life, but had not become a communicant. She had ever lived according to the light vouchsafed her. May perpetual light shine upon her.

1902 Pulaski County Democrat

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nancy (McDonald) Hill 1830-1902


Nancy Hill, beloved wife of V.B. Hill, departed this life on Thursday evening, January 9, 1902, at 10:30 of the clock. She had suffered for years from asthma and bronchitis, which finally caused her death.

Her maiden name was Nancy McDonald, born in St. Louis county, Mo., December 4, 1830. Her father, Jas. A. McDonald, afterward removed to Texas county and died there. She and V.B. Hill were married January 8, 1856, at the home of her brother, W.W. McDonald, in the town of Waynesville, Pulaski county, Mo., and she and her husband lived happily together forty-six years and one day.

There were born to them six children, four of whom died in infancy; only two surviving their mother, the oldest, Mrs. J.B. Harrison of Rolla, and the youngest, Mrs. W.H. Locker, of Waynesville.

She was a loving, faithful wife, and patient in her long suffering. She was a faithful member of the Baptist church at Waynesville, she was baptized in 1879 by Elder M.M. King, pastor of the Baptist church at that time. She is buried at the grave-yard on the farm just west of Waynesville.

We believe she died in Christ and that she will be raised up in the first resurrection. We are told the dead in Christ rise first; then we that are alive that are left shall together with them be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

One Who Loved Her Dearer Than All

1902 Pulaski County Democrat

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mary (Keeler) Trower 1823-1902

DIED- Saturday, Jan. 4, of pneumonia, Mrs. Mary Trower. Grandma Trower was one of the oldest persons in this county and with her husband, was among the early settlers of the county. She has been widowed several years and at the time of her death was visiting at the home of her son-in-law, J. Goodman of Hancock.

1902 Pulaski County Democrat

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sarah A. (Petty) Case 1857-1902

Died at her home near Hooker, October 4th 1902, Mrs. Sarah A. Case, wife of Robert M. Case.

Mrs. Case was born on Matthews Prairie, September 18th, 1857, and was married to Robert M. case October 16th, 1881. She was the mother of eight children, six of whom survive her, three boys and three girls. She was a loving wife and an affectionate mother and the chair she has left vacant can never be filled. She was a devoted christian, always cheerfully assisting in the advancement of the cause of christianity.

Her soul has passed into Heaven but she will long be remembered by friends as one whose heart was filled with love and hospitality towards her fellow creatures. Although for three long years she struggled with that "King of disease", consumption, still she bore it patiently and when the death Angel came she was not afraid to meet her God.

Ralph Hutcheson

Pulaski County Democrat

Sunday, November 15, 2015

John Martin Johnson 1848-1910

The great and merciful master has again visited us and taken from our midst our dear father.

John Martin Johnson  was born in Kungshacka, Sweden, Sept. 8th, 1848, and died at Porcupine, Montana, May 21st, 1910, aged 61 years, 8 months, and 13 days. His remains were taken back to our old home at Swedeborg, Mo., where they were laid to est in St. John's cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Bell at the Swedish Lutheran church at Swedeborg, of which he had long been a member. He had been a resident of Missouri for over twenty years, but on account of failing health, came here in April last, to see if he could regain his health by a change of climate, but to no avail. He passed away quietly to his long rest, where he shall suffer no more. His family watched faithfully by his bedside until the end came, which was no surprise to us, as we could see him gradually growing weaker from day to day.

He leaves a wife, one son, and one daughter residing at Porcupine, Mont., besides one brother and four sisters residing in Sweden, and quite a number of friends to mourn his loss. It was hard to part with him, but it was the Lord's will and we must all submit to that, for he doeth all things well.

- An Only Daughter
Pulaski County Democrat

24 June, 1909

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Catherine G. Jensen 1869-1909

Died, at her home near Swedeborg, Monday morning, Jan. 11, 1909, Catherine Jensen, aged 39 years. She was buried at the Crocker cemetery on Tuesday. She had lived a consistent Christian life having professed faith in Christ when but 18 years old; appropriate funeral services were held by Rev. Petty of the Baptist Church.

Pulaski County Democrat

15 January, 1909

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mary (Hancock) Hamilton 1830-1909

Again the death angel has entered the home and carried away one of the time honored landmarks of Pulaski county in the person of Aunt Mary Hamilton of near Wheeler's mill, who died on Friday and was buried at the Hamilton graveyard on Saturday January 9th, 1909.

Mrs. Hamilton was one of the early settlers of Pulaski Co. and has lived for about fifty years on the farm where she died. Her husband preceded her to the better land many years ago, leaving her with a large family of children, which she reared to man and womanhood and it can truthfully be said that her children, grand children, and great grand children, which are many, go to make up the best citizenship of our County. She had acquired much of this world's goods and was always kind to those who was in need; thus one by one we record the passing away of some of the Lords chosen people. The Democrat joins in sympathy with the relatives who mourn the loss of so good a mother, grandmother, and friend.

Pulaski County Democrat
15 January, 1909

*While the original obituary indicates that Mary Hamilton was laid to rest at Hamilton graveyard, her headstone is located at Sewell Cemetery near Hancock. We do not know if this was simply an error by the paper, if Mrs. Hamilton's grave was later relocated, or if Sewell Cemetery was once known as the Hamilton graveyard.  According to Tombstone Inscriptions of Pulaski County, published by Pulaski County Museum & Historical Society, there are two Hamilton cemeteries, both located near Riddle Bridge. Mary's husband, Samuel, who passed away in 1874, is recorded as being buried in Hamilton Farm cemetery. His tombstone was transcribed by the Historical Society in the mid 1980's. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sarah Jane (Martin) Rollins 1834-1909

Mrs. Sarah J. Rollins, the subject of this sketch, was born in Scott county, Va. the 5th day of June, 1834. Died at her home in Waynesville 6th day of January, 1909, after an illness of about eight months duration.
She was married to James M. Rollins December 1851 in Va., where her family then resided; after seven years she with her companion and little ones removed to Missouri in the year 1858, and have since resided near this place. There were born into this home 9 children all of which grew to man and womanhood: Emily Barlow, deceased, H.E. Rollins of Dixon, Elisha M. of Thayer, Theodosia Pippin, of near Richland, Ransom R. Rollins, of Winona, John O. Rollins of Brownfield, Ida B. Morgan of near town, Thos. M. deceased and Samuel T. Rollins of Waynesville. Besides these children reared in the home was George R. Barlow, a grandson, and Chas. McDonald, a great nephew. There are 28 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.
She professed faith in Christ when but fifteen years of age and was received into full fellowship of the Baptist church in the neighborhood where she lived and where her father was then pastor. Mrs. Rollins has lived a beautiful life, and altho her death has left a vacancy in the home and grief and sadness in the hearts of her loved ones, and while they will miss her cheerful smile and kind words of council and encouragement there is consolation in the thought that she died ripe in years and rich in experience in a life of good deeds.
She leaves an aged husband who walked by her side for 57 years sharing each other's joys and sorrows, and seven children and a host of friends to mourn the loss of a good woman.

Pulaski County Democrat

15 January, 1909

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Margaret Jane (Smith) Roam d. 1904

Mrs. Jake Roam who was at her fathers, the Judge Smith, died in the presence of friends and relatives, burial services were held by the Rev. Marian Manus at the cemetery in Flea Hollow.

Pulaski County Democrat

5 August, 1904

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jimmie Lee d. January 29, 1904

Uncle Jimmie Lee died at his home in Richland last Friday evening. He was probably the oldest man in this part of the country, being 98 or 99 years of age. He was remarkably active considering his age and often walked up town without assistance. His passing away was said to be as peaceful as a babe going to sleep. He was a member of the Christian church and had many friends in Richland and surrounding county.

Pulaski County Democrat

5 February, 1904

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lizzie Walters d. May 31, 1904

Little Lizzie, the eight-year old daughter of L.F. and M.L. Walters, passed over the Valley of Death on Tuesday of last week. She had been suffering with the measles and was thought to be out of danger, but the angels came and wafted her spotless spirit to the golden city beyond the skies, where there is no more measles. The bereaved parents, brothers, and sisters have our sympathy.

Friday, 10 June, 1904
Pulaski County Democrat

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Drucilla Jane (McElroy) Giddens 1865-1904

Died, on Bald Ridge, Pulaski county, Missouri, May 1st, 1904, at 3 o'clock, a.m., Sister Drucilla Jane, wife of George W. Giddens, and daughter of the late Fowler T. McElroy and wife, aged 38 years, 4 months and 21 days.

Sister Jane was born near Palace school house in Pulaski county and was of a family of 11 children, six of whom survive her. May 17th, 1883, she was united in marriage with G.W. Giddens and to them were born nine children, seven of whom survive, and with their father are left to mourn a kind and faithful mother, wife, and companion. Her disease was consumption and when she realized her approaching desolation sought and found Jesus, the sinner's friend, and was made to rejoice in a Saviour's love, and when death struck her and she realized her end was near she called her husband and bid him goodbye, then she called her children and bade them farewell and told them to meet her in heaven, but when she called for Frank and reached to him her hand, her arm was palsied and her hand fell and with a slight convulsion she was gone.

May God in mercy comfort all the bereaved ones and may they all be prepared to follow when called to go as we believe she was.

J.J. Watts

Saturday, November 7, 2015

John Strom 1835-1904

Mr. John Strom was born in his native land, Sweden, June the 27th 1835. He came to America in the year 1868. He married Miss Carolina J. Bergman, at Springfield Mo. November 17, 1871, and with his bride came the same year to a farm one and half miles from Swedeborg, Mo. where he has ever since resided.

He died on the 23rd day of January, at 10:30 a.m. 1904. He leaves a wife, one married and two single sons and one single daughter. A son and daughter have preceded him to the spirit land.

The departed was a member of the Lutheran Church in his own country, but was never connected with a church here. He lived an honest, industrious upright life, and in the absence of a minister has conducted funerals.

He was a good neighbor, and was honored and respected by all who knew him. He will be missed by many friends.

Funeral services were held at the home on January 25, at 11: a.m. 1904, by J.R. Blunt of Richland, after which the body was laid to rest in the city of the dead near his home.

*He was a member of the Richland Lodge of Ancient Order of United Workmen and carried a policy of $2000 which will provide for his wife and children.

Pulaski County Democrat

January, 1904