Saturday, September 3, 2016

James M. Rollins (1830-1913)

JAMES M. ROLLINS Was born in Virginia Sept. 25, 1830, died in Waynesville, Mo., June 12, 1913, aged 82 years, 8 months and 17 days. In 1851 he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah J. Martin in Va., and in 1858, they moved to Pulaski county, Missouri, settling what is known as the "Rollins farm" near Bellefonte. Nine children were born to this union, seven surviving, namely: H.E. of Dixon, Mrs. G.W. Pippin, of Richland; E.M., of Willow Springs; R.R., of Winona; J.C., of Brownfield; Mrs. J.B. Morgan, of Waynesville and Sam T., of Waynesville. The eldest daughter became the wife of T.S. Barlow and died many years ago, while a son Thomas M. was drowned in the Gasconade river June 10, 1892. Deceased is also survived by twenty-nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He raised one grandchild, G.R. Barlow and one nephew, C.J. McDonald. During the war he served in the army as a Union soldier and was converted while in the army, later he joined the Baptist church and lived in a consistent christian life thereafter, being one of the founders and pillars of Berean Baptist Church.
In 1870, he was elected to the office of Sheriff and Collector, and re-elected in 1872, retiring in 1874, after four years service. He was an honest and faithful servant of the people while in office, and as a private citizen his excellence and worth can hardly be estimated. Suffice to say his life (its influence) will live after him, and in the future will reveal more and more his real worth.
He belonged distinctively to that class of pioneers who have made this county what it is today, in a time when it took real men to face conditions as they found them and by honest, patient toil change them to conform more nearly to the requirements of more advanced educational and moral standards. He endeavored to the full measure of his ability, to leave the world better than he found it. Therefore, through example, he still lives among us. To him the mystery of death has been disclosed, and with the aid of Christian faith we may, with consolation, perceive immortality beyond that mysterious line.
He was laid to rest Friday afternoon in the family burying ground, on the old homestead, beside his beloved companion who preceded him to the grave about four years ago. Rev. J.L. Hicks, pastor of the Waynesville Baptist Church conducting the funeral, surrounded by all the family except one son R.R. of Winona, who was unable to make train connections in time to get there. Rev. T.J. Zumwalt and W.W. Nickels, two pioneer patriarchs and life-long friends of the deceased, were present, and amidst a death-like silence, with forms bowed with grief and the weight of years, each with shattered voices, through their tears added their testimony to his life and character, and expressed renewed confidence in the hope of immortality, and that living should be a preparation for eternity.
"Prepare to meet thy God."

"Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not the son of Man cometh."

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