Monday, August 31, 2009

William James Yowell 1855-1899

This entry is from the J.J. Watts collection. John J. Watts hailed from Warren, Maine and moved to the northern Ozarks of Missouri sometime after the Civil War. He was a circuit-riding Baptist Minister and his territory covered Phelps, Pulaski, and Texas Counties and parts of Maries and Dent Counties. He established a cemetery, Watt’s Lawn, which is located 1 mile West of J Highway, near the Pulaski County-Phelps County line. This collection covers 1878-1912.

William James Yowell, was born above what is now Newburg in Phelps Co., MO, May 17th 1855, and died on Rock Creek near Roby Post Office, in Texas Co., MO, Oct. 11th 1899 at 9 p.m., aged 44 ys, 4 ms and 24 ds. March 28th 1878, he married in Platt Co., MO, to Miss Ida Grace Walters and by this union 3 sons were born unto them, all living, with their mother. Bro. Yowell was a son of Easton S. Yowell, and of a family of 4 sons, 3 of whom, Lindsey L., Isaac, and J. Edward Yowell survive him. After his father died his mother married Mr. Wilson and by her 2d marriage 6 children were born unto them, 4 boys and 2 girls=2 boys and 2 girls survive, Namely _____________ and ______________ with their father, Oct 13th 1899 at 11 a.m.,, I preached a funeral discourse at the Wm. Bradford Cemetery, near Waynesville, from 1st Thes. 4X13 & 14 verses, using hymns "Further On" and 390 vocalist...After which our dear bro. in Christ was laid at rest, Oct 13th 1899 at 12-30 noon.

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