Monday, August 31, 2009

Caleb Baker 1903-1904

This entry is from the J.J. Watts collection. John J. Watts hailed from Warren, Maine and moved to the northern Ozarks of Missouri sometime after the Civil War. He was a circuit-riding Baptist Minister and his territory covered Phelps, Pulaski, and Texas Counties and parts of Maries and Dent Counties. He established a cemetery, Watt’s Lawn, which is located 1 mile West of J Highway, near the Pulaski County-Phelps County line. This collection covers 1878-1912.

Caleb, (called Capie N.) son of Charles and the late Dora Baker, was born in Hobson, Dent Co., MO, July 15th 1903 and after the death of its mother Sept. 22d 1903 he has lived with his Aunt Nannie Seisser until his death Nov. 25th 1904 near Laquey, MO, aged 1 yr, 4 ms, & 10 ds. Funeral discourse at Idumea Ch. on Sat., Nov. 26th. Text from Matt. 18X10 after which he was buried in the Idumea Cemetery at 3 p.m. Only child.

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