Friday, September 25, 2009

Hamilton Cemetery

Hamilton Cemetery is located in Pulaski County, MO., south of the old town of Helm, Missouri, and north of Riddle Bridge on the Gasconade River.

Family names that have graves marked by tombstones in Hamilton Cemetery are Brittain, Hamilton, Hancock, Helton, Long, and Withers. The oldest tombstone belongs to Elizabeth Hancock, wife of G. Hancock, who died 3 May 1860. The newest stones are those of Charles Edgar Long and James E. Long, both sons of William Columbus and Mary N. Long. The twin brothers both passed away October 9th, 1905, at the age of 9 years. They are buried near their mother, Mary, who preceded them in death in 1897 when they were less than a year old. J.H.O. Hamilton, a Veteran of both the Civil War and the Mexican War was buried here in 1879.

Township 37-Range 11-Section 27

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