Friday, October 2, 2009

Shockley Cemetery

Shockley Cemetery is located in Pulaski County, MO., near Waynesville, Missouri, in an area known as Shockley Bottom, on a farm known as the Howard Shockley Farm. Highway 17 North to Lexington Road.

Shockley Cemetery is a small, family cemetery with approximately 14 marked graves, all but one bearing the surname “Shockley”. Sarah Price, who died in 1901, was married to P.P. Price, and was the daughter of Owen and Elizabeth Shockley. The oldest dated stone is that of twins, Oliver and Ollie Shockley, who both passed away June 1888, less than two months old. The most recent stone belongs to Oliver W. Shockley who died 14 June, 1926.

Township 36-Range 12-Section 12

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